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Palermo Soap

Palermo Soap

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Palermo's soaps are made with gentle, all-natural, skin loving ingredients that leave your skin feeling fresh and clean, but never tight and dry. 

All of their soaps are "superfatted," i.e made with an additional helping of nourishing plant butters and oils. By adding this additional fat, their soaps retain more nutritive properties, and your skin will relish in the additional boost of moisture.

Each bar may be used as both a facial and body bar and was created with a different skin concern in mind—find your match below.

Size: 4 oz / 113 g bar

Scent Notes:

Coconut Milk + Oatmeal - A purely gentle facial and body bar formulated to soothe and moisturize very sensitive or very dry skin. The unscented Coconut Milk + Oatmeal soap is the gentlest bar Palermo makes. Oatmeal has long been known to soothe skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis and moisturizing coconut milk and jojoba oil gently nourish and heal delicate skin.

Lavender + Sage - A calming facial and body bar designed to soothe and gently cleanse and calm skin — making it ideal for sensitive or dry skin. French white clay cleanses impurities from the skin while lavender flowers mildly exfoliate. Rich shea butter helps to retain moisture and avoid stripping skin of its natural balance, and the scent of lavender and clary sage essential oils is out-of-this-world relaxing.

Rose Geranium + Mandarin - A balancing facial and body bar designed to balance and rejuvenate normal, dry, and maturing skin. Rose geranium is reputed to offer a wealth of beneficial properties for the skin and senses, including improving skin cell regeneration, balancing hormone and sebum levels, and easing tension. Antioxidant rich rosehip offers gentle exfoliation while helping to improve the look of skin elasticity and diminish signs of aging.

Winter Fir + Sage - Woodsy and herbal, the robust aroma of this special edition release will transport you deep into the woods where freshly fallen snow gently gathers in a forest of fir. Finely ground apricot seeds polish away dry skin, while rich shea butter leaves skin moisturized and protected. 

Tea Tree + Mint - A cooling facial and body bar formulated to clarify and moisturize normal or combination skin. French green clay absorbs and washes away excess oil and impurities, while peppermint leaves and poppy seeds physically exfoliate the skin. Antimicrobial tea tree and peppermint oils help to clear blemishes and offer a naturally calming, refreshing scent. Rich shea butter helps skin to retain moisture and avoid feeling dry. 

Grapefruit + Juniper - A detoxifying facial and body bar designed to deeply cleanse oily or blemish prone skin. Activated bamboo charcoal draws out impurities and increases circulation — kickstarting skin's natural healing process. Antioxidant and antiseptic grapefruit and juniper oils help to clear congested skin while offering an energizing, uplifting natural scent. Ideal for removing excess oil while moisturizing skin, this powerful purifier all you need for daily cleansing. 


Coconut Milk + Oatmeal - coconut milk, saponified olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, and castor oils; oatmeal*, jojoba oil*

Lavender + Sage - saponified olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, and castor oils; shea butter*, white kaolin clay, lavender flowers*, lavender oil, clary sage oil 

Rose Geranium + Mandarin - saponified olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, and castor oils; shea butter*, rosehip powder*, rose geranium oil, mandarin oil

Winter Fir + Sage - saponified Olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, and castor oils; shea butter*, apricot seed, fir needle oil, clary sage oil, cedarwood oil, clove oil

Tea Tree + Mint - saponified olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, and castor oils; shea butter*, french green clay, peppermint*, poppy seeds, tea tree oil, peppermint oil

Grapefruit + Juniper - saponified olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, and castor oils; activated bamboo charcoal, grapefruit oil, juniper oil 

* = organic

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